About Us

A word from Michael, Founder

At the end of 2019, I opened a restaurant/bar in Brunswick with an old mate.

Of course, as soon as we opened, the pandemic closed our doors- and we had to work fast to try and build a local customer base for deliveries.

As we started to open back up, we realised that customers were depending more on bookings to get tables at their favourite venues- so we started looking into it.

Turns out, table booking systems were extremely expensive- prohibitively so for small businesses like ours.

I realised, that if I focused on just features rather than integrations and partnerships, I could offer a solution that cost a fraction of everything else on offer.

Simply Table Booking was born that day, in service of the small business hospitality community.

Simply Table Booking is proudly built in Melbourne, Australia with a laptop, a guitar and a lot of enthusiasm.